Saturday, August 1, 2009

Moti Mahal London

On my recent trip to London I discovered a fantastic Indian Tandoor Restaurant called Moti Mahal. Unlike many Indian restaurants, Moti Mahal has a crisp contemporary decor and a modern twist in the way they present their dishes! As an example, our salad was presented on a wooden tray with the vegetable selection left unsliced! Whole tomatoes, onions, whole leaf greens and a Mortar and Pestle filled with traditional Indian seasonings. Moti Mahal is located on Great Queen Street and is a special casual place for lunch or dinner. Chef Anirudh Arora beleives that presentation is the key ingredient of a wonderful culinary experience, and Moti Mahal excels in the presentation of all its dishes. They have a huge variety of Tandoori oven cooked dishes that are simply a delight in taste as well as a visual surprise.

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